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Momentum is a collection of exercises, etudes, and solos designed to develop the physical and mental control necessary for self-expression through two-mallet percussion. The exercises are organized to develop a balanced variety of skills in an achievable progression. The etudes are short musical examples intended to transfer recently acquired skills to a more musical context. And finally the solos are physically challenging, musically mature, and composed to sound cool enough to be worth the effort. To those disciplined enough to complete the exercise, etudes, and solos of Momentum, the two-mallet universe is yours!

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What others are saying...

Dave Hall

Associate Professor of Percussion

Coordinator of Percussion Studies

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

MOMENTUM is an outstanding, thoughtful, and innovative method for two mallets. Patricia's creative approach to exercises combines rhythmic vocabulary and stick control concepts that will not only be fruitful for intermediate players but will also fill in gaps for more advanced players. The progressive etudes are a perfect summation of her pedagogical concepts and stand apart as completely unique in the two mallet pedagogy. Finally, the diverse and beautiful collection of solos are just great music. This whole book is a breath of fresh air and a singular contribution to two mallet methods and repertoire!

Dr. Brian Zator

Professor of Percussion

Texas A&M University-Commerce

Immediate Past-President

Percussive Arts Society

Hold on to your mallets because Momentum will push you to the limits! Patricia’s creativity abounds with her systematic approach that synthesizes drumming, hand-breakdowns, and well-known patterns with a musical, technical and logical progression. The 2-mallet exercises and etudes help prepare students to jump right into the highlight of the book, performing any of the ten energetic solos that clearly portray Patricia’s affinity for improvisation, groove and melody.

She-e Wu

Northwestern University

International Soloist

"Momentum" is an innovative combination of "Stick Control", "Accent and Rebound" and "Syncopation" -- a 3-in-1 two-mallet method book with clear expectations on building technique, rhythm, dynamic control, spatial awareness and much more!! The included solos are not only fun and original, but will guarantee to rock your 2-mallet world!!

Drew Tucker




I have been such a fan of Patricia’s innovative playing and quality teaching techniques for a long time! The fact that she is putting her forward thinking educational approach and her creative melodic ideas into one book for students and professionals to acquire is fantastic! I can’t wait to use “Momentum” to enhance my own playing, and give me some fresh approaches to help my students grow!

Mark Ford

Percussion Coordinator

University of North Texas

College of Music

Patricia Islas' new marimba method book, Momentum, is outstanding! These are not simple one and two-page marimba etudes, but ten advanced two-mallet solos with developmental exercises and practice etudes. Most importantly these solos are musically progressive, hip and engaging. Momentum is a perfect combination for students of all ages as well as their teachers. Congratulations to Patricia Islas!

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  • Mapex Drums
  • Majestic Percussion
  • Remo
  • Pro Mark
  • Lot Riot
  • Beetle Percussion

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