Master Hands

Doug Bush

Master Hands

Master Hands is a collection of intermediate to advanced exercises and etudes meant to increase the control, flow and contrast of ones playing.

As a young percussionist, one of my most profound experiences was working through the book Master Studies by the late jazz legend Joe Morello. I have since worked through this book countless times and it has helped to plug the gaps between my drum set and rudimental playing. Many of the concepts presented in Master Hands are extensions of the concepts presented in Master Studies, and are further influenced by my experiences on drum set and marching / teaching drum corps. I highly recommend playing through Master Studies before playing through Master Hands. Pay special attention to the preface of Master Studies where Joe gives his thoughts on technique and use of the metronome. These words are just as true today as they were when he originally penned them in 1983.

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Master Hands

Master Hands is a collection of intermediate to advanced exercises and etudes meant to increase the control, flow and contrast of ones playing.

What others are saying...

Cameron Sather

Professional Drummer

Dallas, TX

As a drum set player, 5let Stick Control provides me with both an exercise to clean my hand coordination and a multitude of different ideas to utilize around the kit. Doug has done a great job catering to not only the marching audience, but kit players as well through Master Hands.

Matthew West

Troopers 2015-2016

Santa Clara Vanguard 2017

These etudes are not your typical rudimental rams, but are beginning to teach players the concept of being able to take stickings and move them around in any musical way they so desire. This leads us to think more like a jazz musician who is able to weave in and out phrases effortlessly, as opposed to "the marching snare drummer" who plays what's on the page.

David Cavazos

Troopers 2015

Santa Clara Vanguard 2016-2017

Doug Bush Masterfully tackles some of the most common yet overlooked problems that marching percussion ensembles encounter everyday. His methodical approach to fixing these issues with exercises such as his “diddle modulation” make this book a must for educators and students trying to find success in today's marching ensembles.

Eliana Yamouni

Santa Clara Vanguard 2018-Present

As a student of Doug Bush, I had the privilege of playing his music. In Master Hands, musicians will find a collection of Mr. Bush’s beats that not only promote the development of intermediate drumming skills, but are also fun to play. What I love most about Master Hands is that it includes a series of exercises that are extremely applicable to the music. The exercises target fundamental skills and put them in realistic musical contexts, which makes for a smooth transition into playing challenging music. I would highly recommend this book to any percussionist.

Roberto Paz

The Academy 2004-2007

Blue Devils 2008-2010

This book has a way of challenging your mechanics as well as rattling your tempo control. If you want to discover new ways to play and think, Doug has made that happen for you!

Jordan Brooks

Santa Clara Vanguard 2012-2013

Blue Knights 2009-2010

Troopers Quad Tech 2014-2015

STOMP cast member 2016-Present

I have the hands I have today because of educators like Doug Bush. He is strategic, methodical, and calculative, giving insight to both educators and students. Each exercise and etude in his new book, Master Hands, is an exciting journey that provides the player with new technical, musical, and rhythmic challenges. The “24 Rules” alone are countless years of wisdom and experience. Master Hands is the perfect book to bridge the gap between intermediate and advanced rudimental drumming.

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