Closing Remarks

Doug Bush

Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks is a collection of 14 advanced solos for the snare drum. The inspiration for these solos came from several conversations with multiple collegiate-level educators. As percussion has grown the divide between traditional “Rudimental” snare drumming and “Orchestral” snare drumming has thankfully shrunk. There was consistently an expressed need for our students to have more modern literature that better prepared them for the challenges of contemporary snare drum solos. In composing these solos the goal was to create a wide range of reading, rhythmic, and musical challenges while always focusing on delivering an engaging piece of music in the process. Thank you for your dedication to the art of snare drumming and I hope you enjoy playing through Closing Remarks.

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Andrew Eldridge, DMA

Coordinator of Percussion

Assistant Professor of Percussion

University of Texas at Arlington Department of Music

Closing Remarks combines Doug's refreshing drumming vocabulary with a mature understanding of the needs of modern percussionists. This collection contains solos that are highly musical, feels natural in the hands, challenges your internal rhythm, and energizes the performer. I highly recommend this for use in a standard snare curriculum or as a short jury, and this collection will surely become a favorite to many people!

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  • Mapex Drums
  • Majestic Percussion
  • Remo
  • Pro Mark
  • Lot Riot
  • Beetle Percussion

Doug Bush and Patricia Islas

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